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Diamondback® HP Riflescopes

The Diamondback® HP (High Performance) riflescopes offer a full-on array of high-performance features that discerning hunters are sure to appreciate—game animals, not so much. Optically, these scopes hit the proverbial mark: XD extra-low dispersion glass increases resolution and color fidelity while XR fully multi-coated lenses maximize every minute of shooting light. The side focus/parallax adjustment is easily accessible while keeping a trim profile and allowing optimal mounting height. And, with a 4x zoom range, the Diamondback HPs offer highly versatile magnification configurations to suit a wide variety of firearms and shooting applications. Okay, it seems the buck does stop here.

Diamondback® Riflescopes

Diamondback® riflescopes completely change the rules when it comes to “you get what you pay for.” First, the solid one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction makes them virtually indestructible and highly resistant to magnum recoil. Argon purging puts waterproof and fog-proof performance on the checklist and the advanced, fully multi-coated optics raise an eyebrow when crystal clear, tack-sharp images appear in the cross-hairs. All this and then some in a riflescope that seems like it should cost so much more—but doesn’t.

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Eye Relief

Diamondback® HP

4-16x42 V-Plex
Dead-Hold BDC
23.8 - 6.1' 4.0" Capped 1-Inch 12.5" 18.0 oz
3-12x42 V-Plex
Dead-Hold BDC
28.8 - 8.2' 4.0" Capped 1-Inch 12.5" 18.0 oz
2-8x32 V-Plex
Dead-Hold BDC
41.9 - 12.2' 4.6" Capped 1-Inch 11.6" 15.9 oz


4-12x40 AO V-Plex
Dead-Hold BDC
32.4 - 11.3' 3.1 - 3.4" Low capped 1-Inch 12.8" 17.2 oz
4-12x40 V-Plex
Dead-Hold BDC
32.4 - 11.3' 3.1 - 3.4" Low capped 1-Inch 12.0" 14.6 oz
3.5-10x50 V-Plex
Dead-Hold BDC
35.8 - 13.5' 3.3 - 3.6" Low capped 1-Inch 12.5" 16.2 oz
3-9x40 V-Plex
Dead-Hold BDC
44.6 - 14.8' 3.3 - 3.5" Low capped 1-Inch 11.7" 14.4 oz
2-7x35 V-Plex
Dead-Hold BDC
64.3 - 19.3' 3.1 - 3.5" Low capped 1-Inch 11.6" 14.2 oz
2-7x35 Rimfire V-Plex 64.3 - 19.3' 3.1 - 3.5" Low capped 1-Inch 11.6" 14.2 oz
1.75-5x32 V-Plex
Dead-Hold BDC
68.3 - 23.1' 3.5 - 3.7" Low capped 1-Inch 10.2" 12.8 oz

Diamondback HP— Key Features

VIP Warranty XD Lens Elements XR Coatings Argon Purged Waterproof

Diamondback— Key Features

VIP Warranty Argon Purged Waterproof