Vortex Ram Horn Bottle Opener

Church Key & Twist Off Wrench

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Vortex Ram Horn Bottle Opener

Are you tired of staring longingly at bottles of hops-infused deliciousness with no way of accessing their inner contents? Are you sick of taking giant chunks out of great grandma’s heirloom coffee table with only a bent cap to show for it? Are you fed up and frustrated with every ineffective method you’ve attempted to tap into thirst quenching beverages. Well, my friend, those days are over. Enter the Vortex Ram Horn Bottle Opener. Modeled after the Bighorn Sheep—this bottle opener cracks the toughest of tops with the assertiveness of two rams colliding in combat. Lay it flat on a cap and tight twisties turn like a gentle breeze. The power of the ram horn is now yours in a handheld form you can keep with you every day. It’s time to take control of your life and your fluid consumption. Do it with the Vortex Ram Horn Bottle Opener.

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