Paul’s Picks

Paul’s Picks
October 3, 2022
Paul’s Picks

Paul’s Picks

Vortex’s Paul Neess list of the gear picks for a 10-day sheep hunt.

When I asked Vortex’s Paul Neess for a bulleted list of the gear featured in this article’s laydown shot, he replied he could get it to me that evening. The delay was excusable. Paul was on a giant Coues deer and unavoidably detained for the next few hours. As we say around here, “classic Neess.”

Life-long hunter, adventure seeker, and former sheep guide, Paul lives life on God’s green marble doing next-level things in next-level places. The knowledge and experience he’s gained is immeasurable. Factor in he’s tough as nails, never deterred but rather embraces the adversity of a challenging hunt, and you get one of the folks I respect most in the hunt space.

When it comes to gear, he’s distilled his kit down through hard-won experience. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t make the cut. Below are Paul’s picks for a 10-day sheep hunt – a gear guide from a sheep guide you can trust. For a complete deep-dive into Paul's gear list, listen to the Vortex Nation Podcast.

First row, Left to Right

  • Hyperlite tarp for daily carry
  • Small blue Sea To Summit dry bag with extra clothing
    • puffy jacket
    • 1 pair socks, 2 silk socks
    • 1 merino underwear
    • KUIU – zip long johns, 1 heavy merino shirt, gloves, neck gaiter, raingear upper
    • Arc'teryx rain pants
    • Vortex beanie
  • Mountain Hardwear Phantom 15 down sleeping bag w/green dry bag
  • Exped insulated inflatable pad
  • Sea To Summit inflatable pillow
  • Sawyer Squeeze water filter
  • MSR Dromedary water bag
  • Closed cell sit pad
  • Paracord rope
  • Wet wipes & TP
  • Phone Skope adapter for cell phone/spotting scope
  • Sunglasses

Second row, Left to Right

  • Hyperlite Ultamid 4 tent w/ center pole and polycro ground cover
  • Blue Sea To Summit food bag w/examples shown – approx. 15 lbs. total/120 calories per oz./3000 calories per day
    • Dinners – 10 assorted freeze dried dinners multiple brands, 10 oz. olive oil
    • Lunch – Nuts, cheese, bagels w/PB, sausage, ramen, tuna, energy snacks, banana chips, granola bars etc.
    • Breakfast – Protein bars, oatmeal
    • Drinks – Energy mix, tea, coffee
  • MSR Reactor stove/pot w/two fuel canisters (one for heating shelter if needed)
  • Plastic bowl & cup
  • Anker small solar panel
  • Dark Energy battery pack
  • Ear pro one piece
  • Black Diamond headlamp w/new batteries
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, pocket lighter
  • In Reach satellite communicator
  • Hang bag & rope for food (if trees present)
  • Kestrel weather/ballistic meter

Third row, Left to Right

  • 10 rounds in ammo in pouch
  • Vortex rangefinder (new prototype ????)
  • Nalgene water bottle w/ extra muzzle tape & small amount duct tape
  • Piranta knife w/extra blades in leather pouch
  • Kestrel Ti fixed blade knife
  • Small accessory bag containing minor first aid items, extra lighters & fire-starter, license/tags, medications, spare contacts etc.
  • Small bottle for olive oil (food)
  • Crocs camp shoes
  • Stone Glacier Sky Guide 7900 pack

Lower right quadrant - clothing on person

  • First Lite gaiters
  • Merino underwear, socks
  • KUIU/ Arc'teryx raingear (stored in top of pack readily available)
  • First Lite pants, KUIU merino top
  • Swazi lightweight fleece
  • Vortex baseball hat
  • KUIU belt
  • Kenetrek Mountain Extreme non-insulated boots

Lower left quadrant

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