Vortex Edge® Range Facilities

Preparation is your most effective weapon, and we've built a 55,000 square foot facility on the Vortex® campus located in Barneveld, Wisconsin to ensure you're ready for all your moments of truth. From indoor ranges to an outdoor facility, CQB to long range, we've got you covered.

Edge Facility

100-Yard Indoor Range

One of only a few 100-yard indoor ranges in the country, and the only one in the Midwest. The range can accommodate up to seven shooters at once. It’s a fixed-firing position range, though targets can be moved to allow shooters to fire at different distances. The bullet trap is rated to stop up to a .50 BMG.

Edge Facility

50-Yard Indoor Range

This 'tactical' range gives you the freedom to move any where within the room to conduct live-fire training. Lateral moving targets, and targets that can be programmed for various exposures, give you the opportunity to run timed courses of fire, qualifications, and even scenario-based or decision-making tactical trainings.

Edge Facility

25-Yard Indoor Range

The 25-yard 'tactical' range will accommodate up to 12 shooters at any given time. With lighting and range controls like the 100 and 50-yard ranges, the 25-yard range provides a location for both pistol and rifle training.

Edge Facility

Shoot House

3400 square foot modular tactical house contains over 100 wall, window, and door panels that can be arranged to simulate a wide variety of environments and encounters. Catwalks and an integrated video system mean you get targeted reviews and performance-based instruction.

Edge Facility


Fully equipped with a modern audio / visual system including projectors, speaking podium, microphones, and flat-screen monitors, perfect for in-service trainings, videos, or other classroom presentations.

Edge Facility

Cleaning & Locker Rooms

Accommodating up to a dozen people at once for firearms cleaning, all supplies provided, and the room is equipped with a ventilation system for removing odors and solvent fumes, as well as air hoses and sonic cleaners.

Edge Facility

Retail Showroom

Before your shoot or after, pick up the optics and apparel you need to make your range time count.

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