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Vortex Edge Instructor Pete Schreier

Pete Schreier

Pete has previously served in both law enforcement, as a deputy sheriff, and in the military - completing tours in both Kosovo and Iraq as an infantryman with the US Army's 10th Mountain Division.

Pete first learned to shoot in the Boy Scouts, and as an early adopter of the pistol-mounted optic, is a highly-competitive USPSA shooter in the carry optics division.

Vortex Edge Instructor Justin Lipska

Justin Lipska

Justin is a 10-year military veteran who served eight years with 10th Special Forces Group, serving as a Weapons Sergeant on a SFOD-A team where he conducted a wide variety of duties including weapons training, unconventional warfare, direct action, special reconnaissance and foreign internal defense missions.

Justin also served as both a Special Forces sniper, and sniper instructor conducting training in advanced long-range marksmanship and sniper operations for 10th SFG(A). Justin has multiple deployments to Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Vortex Edge Instructor Chris Urrutia

Chris Urrutia

Chris has served in both military and law enforcement for a combined 17 years, during which he deployed with 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines to Afghanistan and Iraq in support of the Global War on Terror. Chris also served as a patrol officer and SWAT Sniper during his time with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina.

Chris started shooting after bootcamp, and has invested heavily in his own skillset development during his career. Always a student, Chris continues to seek out training to develop himself as both a shooter and instructor.

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