January 23, 2023

How to pick the perfect optic for your AR

Versatile, powerful, and just plain fun, the AR is a true icon. But what optic can get you the most out of your rifle?

Bill Krivanek's Coyote Kit
January 16, 2023

Staff Picks - Coyote Kit Breakdown

We asked some of our staff about their go-to gear. Find out what gear they trust to pack.

December 14, 2022

Wild Holiday Dish: Herb & Garlic Butter Venison

Share the gift of a great hunting season with the people you love, no wrapping paper required. Jeremiah Doughty, founder of From Field To Plate, makes it simple with this holiday recipe.

Muzzleloader with accessories on wood planks.
October 3, 2022

The Sweet Middle Ground of Muzzleloaders

Extend your home-state hunting opportunities, take advantage of out-of-state, increase draw-odds in premier units, enjoy decreased hunting pressure for a more solitary experience, and have a hell-of-a-lot of fun doing it by picking up a muzzleloader.

What Makes Great Low-Light Performance?
October 3, 2022

What Makes Great Low-Light Performance

The optical system design, lens design, and coatings on the lenses are what determine how good an optic is in low light. Pretty simple, right? Well, not necessarily. There’s a lot of information and misinformation out there about what makes an optic work well in low light, and we’re here to shine a little light on the subject.

Post-Season Elk Hunting Restoration Weight Training
October 3, 2022

PRO TIP: Post-Season Restoration with @ElkShape

A long hunting season is behind us. Time to completely reset. The start of a new year is the perfect time to look back at the season, understand what you did well, and more importantly focus on what you can improve.

Jeremiah Doughty Braised Venison Shanks Recipee
October 3, 2022

Holiday Recipes to Bring Your Family Together Around the Table

The holidays are the perfect time to share the gift of a great hunting season with the people you love, no bows or wrapping paper required.

A hunter glassing the distance with a Vortex rangefinderfrom his quarry.
October 3, 2022

Laser Rangefinder – Pro Tips

You spotted a bedded buck tucked away in open country far beyond your effective range. The perfect stalk is the only factor separating you from meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall.

Alec Collins Breaks Country Elk - Archery Hunt
October 3, 2022

Staff Picks - Breaks Country Elk

We asked some of our staff about their go-to gear. Find out what gear they trust to pack.

Summertime 3D Archery Match Shooting
October 3, 2022

Why You Should Shoot a 3D Archery Match This Summer

Twenty-plus years of bowhunting has taught me: Murphy’s law has a not-so-discreet way of perversely sabotaging hunts. A broadhead slices your bowstring. A D-loop snaps when you’re drawing on a bull at close-range. Or maybe you accidentally run over your bow at basecamp. I’ve actually done that twice.

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