Laser Rangefinder – Pro Tips

Laser Rangefinder – Pro Tips
October 3, 2022
Laser Rangefinder – Pro Tips

Laser Rangefinder – Pro Tips

Simplify your Stalk. Fill your Freezer.

You spotted a bedded buck tucked away in open country far beyond your effective range. The perfect stalk is the only factor separating you from meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall. Brushy draws and rolling topography make navigating the arid landscape a daunting task. Let’s face it – you’ll never shoot 3,000 yards, but a rangefinder capable of reading distance beyond your effective range is a critical tool in this situation. Here’s how to break your stalk into four steps to simplify the process and notch your tag.

Range it

Use your rangefinder to determine exactly how far you are from your quarry. This is valuable intel, even if it’s more than a mile away.

A hunter glassing the distance with a Vortex rangefinderfrom his quarry.

Map it

Utilize a digital mapping application with aerial imagery and topographic lines to pinpoint the animal’s location with line distance tools. Drop a waypoint on landmarks like a downed tree or rocky outcropping near your target, and another where you expect to find the best shot opportunity.

Hunter using a digital mapping application to pinpoint an animals location.

Stalk it

Use the prevailing wind direction, terrain, and cover to sneak inside your weapon’s effective range. Reference your map and landmarks throughout your stalk to track your progress.

A hunter referencing his map and landmarks throughout his stalk to track his progress

Shoot it

Reference your map and glass periodically as you carefully approach your destination. Once you spot your target, confirm the distance one last time before you release an arrow or squeeze the trigger.

A bow hunter confirming the distance before releasing an arrow.

Choosing the right rangefinder isn’t as daunting as you think. Visit your favorite dealer to find yours.

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