Fury® HD

Fury HD
From $1,599.99

High quality optics and long-distance ranging capability come together in our all-new Fury HD 10x42 Laser Rangefinding Binocular. Convenience, speed, efficiency, and valuable dual-purpose functionality - all the advantages of a high-definition binocular perfectly paired with an angle compensated rangefinder.


From $449.99

Ranger Rangefinders give hunters and shooters distance data needed to make accurate shots. Easy to use with a clean display and highly intuitive menu, the Ranger keeps things simple, yet provides a high level of performance. Primary HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) mode displays an angle-compensated distance reading. Ideal for gun hunters, target shooters and bowhunters, is sure to be a hit - and ensure hits.


From $269.99

Put the odds of on target arrow and bullet impacts in your favor with the Impact 850 Laser Rangefinder. Accurately ranges reflective targets to 850 yards, providing critical distance readings hunters and shooters can rely on. Range targets down to 5 yards when things get up close and personal.


From $519.99

The Copperhead Rangefinder provides critical distance data hunters and shooters can rely on. With a clean display and highly intuitive menu, the Copperhead combines high level performance with easy-to-use functionality.