September 27, 2023

1,000 Yards for $1,000 — Can it be Done?

Long range shooting is extremely fun, extremely challenging, and on the surface, can appear extremely expensive. There’s no doubt the expensive part can be true, but it doesn’t have to be. Vortex’s Cody Dummer embarked on a mission to prove this point by procuring a combination of budget-friendly components, mounting them up and heading to the range. Below is a breakdown of the under $1,000 setup he used to ring steel at 1,000 yards. Not sold? Keep reading.

Vortex Edge® Instructor, Cody, long range shooting

Savage Axis Rifle — $380: One might think the biggest question a person should ask themselves when squeezing the trigger of a $380 rifle is will it go bang? Let alone, is it accurate enough to hit a modest target at 1,000 yards? Both these questions were answered in a single shot and several after. The Savage Axis is a reliable workhorse of a rifle built with utility and your bank account in mind. Is it our number one recommendation for a precision rifle competition? Maybe not. But it is certainly capable of extending your effective range and having a good time doing it along the way.

Vortex® Venom® 5-25x56 FFP Riflescope & Pro Rings Product Images

Venom® 5-25x56 Riflescope — $500: At 1,000 yards, or any distance where dialing to compensate for bullet drop, you’re going to need a solid optic with an above average magnification range, good glass, plenty of internal travel, and adjustments that track true – every time. The Venom® 5-25x56 FFP does all these things in spades. You can dial this thing to your heart’s content, and it reliably returns to zero with precision. One thing it won’t do is kill your pocketbook.

Pro Riflescope Rings — $80: Rings are the link between your rifle and riflescope. If you want your system to work, your rings need to work. Quality rings don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Vortex® Pro Rings are a great example of that. Are they the cheapest ring on the market? No, but remember what we said about your rings needing to work.

EGW Picatinny Rail — $40: Picatinny rails are a nearly bulletproof base design. They are precise, simple, and compared to some two-piece solutions, eliminate mounting variables that can potentially cause issues. EGW rails are not only straight but shoot you straight on price.

There you have it. A 1,000-yard rig for less than $1,000. What not long ago was an extremely difficult feat at any price can be accomplished with budget-friendly equipment and a little know-how. There are infinite component combinations a person could create to skin the long-range cat. Don’t let cost prevent you from joining the long-range fun. Get creative, get to the range, and let steel ring.

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