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Late Season Turkey Tactics

A faint gobble echoes through the woods, now muffled by dense vegetation that enters leaf-out in late-spring. The subtle buzzing of pesky bugs and birds chirping as the woods awaken makes it difficult to pinpoint the gobbler’s location, but turkeys are usually tight-lipped after a long season of dodging other hunters, so you leave the decoys in the truck and take off after your only lead. This scenario is the norm in the waning days of spring turkey season, but patience and creative tactics can help you bag your bird before the final bell. Instagram: @erikbarber8

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How can a mess of unfilled turkey tags lead to a great hunt?

Late season turkey hunting is notoriously tough – birds have been hunted for nearly six weeks and have heard virtually every call in a hunter’s arsenal. Pair that with the dense foliage that begins leaf-out in May and plenty of insects to challenge your sanity, and it’s easy to understand why most turkey hunters have already stowed their shotgun for the season. Instagram: @erikbarber8